Concealing Radiance Pen

Mineral Liquid Light

Mineral Anti-aging Illuminating Radiance Pen

Discover the power of light!

Inject renewed life into puffy, dark eye areas with Issada’s Liquid light and reap the benefits of a “Botox effect” without invasive needles.

While effectively treating eye concerns with clinical grade nutrients, this magic pen’s illuminative particles refract and reflect light away from signs of aging, dark circles and other flaws, covering the eye area in a shimmering veil of radiant perfection.

A miracle-worker for weary eyes, Issada’s Liquid Light is a potent cocktail of Multi-Minerals, antioxidants, botanicals and shimmering photo-reflective particles.

Bio-transformed Gotu Kola relaxes muscle tissue, reducing lines and wrinkles. Purslane smoothes the skin and promotes circulation which reduces puffiness and dark circles. Panax Ginseng firms and tones the delicate eye area. Powerful anti-oxidant Vitamins A, C and E protect the skin from premature aging and Issada’s cocktail of Multi-Minerals strengthen, heal and repair.

This pen is an absolute must-have item for everyone!

Key Ingredients: Multi-Minerals, Panax Ginseng, Purslane, Gotu Kola, Vitamins A, C & E

RRP $55