Mineral Baked Velvet

Mineral Baked Velvet

Multi-Dimensional Corrective Contour Powders

Gelato-inspired colours direct from Italy to Issada!

Each ultra-velvety powder contains five colour-corrective creams which are infused with Vitamin E and Jojoba and then expertly swirled together.

These tantalizing marbled delights are then poured into a molto Italian terracotta pan, oven-baked for 24 long hours and finally the baked dome is popped into a sleek, mirrored Issada compact.

Bring life to sallow skin with the Sand Baked Velvet, whose combination of toffee and orange will subtly bronze or contour a fair complexion warm, and flatter sallow or lacklustre skin, counteracting grey.

Those who prefer a deeply-baked tan should indulge in the decadent Earth Baked Velvet which provides a beautiful rich bronze, with its wicked concoction of chocolate, coffee, caramel and just a hint of pink to brighten skin.

What's more, as they are individually handmade, no two powders are exactly the same, resulting in a compact that is exclusively yours. These oven-baked delights look good enough to eat, but why not save your hips and indulge your skin instead?

Key Ingredients: Jojoba, Vitamin E

RRP $79